Digital Twin Models for Air Traffic Management

Precision to support ATCOs

L5 is a digital twin AI air traffic controller that can compute and predict potential conflicts in various traffic scenarios. It can also detect non-conflicting traffic and provide other advanced computations to support air traffic controllers.

L5 helps air traffic controllers address aviation challenges of the next decade. L5 improves controllers' situational awareness by proposing resolutions to simple traffic situations and driving attention towards more complex scenarios. Our technology also helps reduce carbon footprints by suggesting minimum fuel consumption solutions to traffic management.

Focus on safety and environment

Reducing workload, unleashing airspace capacity

L5 helps humans more efficiently manage airspace capacity and avoid delays by reducing controller workload.

L5 runs in the cloud and ingests and processes data in real time. Our trained AI models then advise the ATC room on the best decisions for maximum safety, minimum environmental impact and best possible use of airspace capacity.



Automatic prediction of non-conflicting traffic per sector



Next generation AI MTCD running in the cloud



AI recommendations for ATC instructions -in development-

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