A portable digital ATCO assistant
and contingency 5G device

To be released Q4 2021

Victor5 is a digital assistant for Air Traffic Control Officers that runs on 5G portable devices. It is designed to ensure maximum visual integration and compatibility among legacy ATC consoles, improving ATCO situational awareness.

Victor5 is high tech software crafted for maximum consumption of information and AI support for the ATCO.

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Victor5 CE - Community Edition
$XXX / mo

Real-time flight tracking
Automatic conflict detection warning (AI MTCD)
Data quality real-time performance indicators.
Join the Victor5 community.
Free for licensed ATCOs.
Available now in selected regions.

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Victor5 EE - Enterprise Edition
$XXX / mo

All available in Victor5 CE plus
Custom PCDs for your organization.
Custom integration with additional data sources (e.g flight plans).
Supervisor sector workload prediction.
Historical workload analysis (traffic, PCDs, NCTs, INSs)
Emissions dashboard
5G/WIFI device included
24/7 tech support
Licensed to ANSPs
Available during 2022. Price on request.

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