Announcing Victor5 technical pre-release
A portable digital assistant for air traffic control

Breakthrough solutions for enroute Air Traffic Control.

Automatic conflict detection and workload management.

Independent screen, complementary to console.

State-of-the-art UI.

Pervasive tracking of surveillance ADS-B data on a portable device, running from the cloud.

Automatic, scalable Medium Term Conflict Detection and Short Term Conflict Alert.

Seamless deployment of digital twin algorithms from the cloud to solve complex ATC scenarios.

Multiple communication options, including 5G, for contingency situations.

Wind information downloaded from aircraft in real time at all flight levels.

Updated every minute across 28,000 grid volumes.

Wind model integrated in MTCD for higher accuracy.

Real time workload prediction dashboard for ATC operations rooms.

Taking into account future potential conflicts.

AI model identifying traffic that clears any geographical area without conflicts.

What-if scenarios for different sectorization strategies.

Continuos deployment of new features, from the cloud.

Detection of coordination opportunities across ACC units.

Fuel AI model trained with real fuel data to provide environmentally-friendly opportunities.

Weather layer.



Automatic prediction of non-conflicting traffic per sector



Next generation AI MTCD running in the cloud



AI recommendations for ATC instructions -in development-

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Taking this into operations in 2023, after safety qualifications and operational trials.
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