Empowering aviation to compete in the digital era

Design, build and deploy cost-effective AI applications


The AI data platform for aviation
that ensures data governance

We operate the platform, you own the data
Focused on data ownership, confidentiality and data protection.

Secure data platform
The app store for aviation. Design, build, host, manage and license industry or proprietary applications.

Best is an open platform
Airlines, airports, air navigation service providers and regulators can collaborate while protecting their respective data.

Why BeSt?

Put your data to work!

Artificial Intelligence empowers safety and operations data

From IROPS to fuel optimization, from efficient runway management to airline safety.

Painless deployment

Seamless and secure solution for aviation data management and deep analytics

With BeSt, there’s no need to sacrifice performance in order to use data. Our technology runs seamlessly in the background, aggregating data and feeding our machine learning models. Cater to your operations with our expertise.

Unparalleled visibility over your operations

Integrated support for Tableau analytics.
Easy data consumption through customisable visual dashboards.

Enhanced security and confidentiality

Focussing on data ownership, confidentiality and data protection.

Multi- stakeholder aviation: collaborating with real time and historical data for improved operations.

Build and operate your own AI infrastructure and keep control of your data.
The latest encryption technology is on your side.

Our Smart Data Fusion technology securely merges private data from different sources. Enrich your confidential data.

A complete AI technology stack.
Cloud and edge ready.

After secure login, a complete data science development environment launches, including toolsets such as Python, Hadoop, Spark and the Anaconda ecosystem. Secure access to a Jupyter notebook allows analysts to work remotely with protected data – no data leaves the cloud. Additionally, a GitLab repository serves as a collaborative and monitoring tool.