A digital assistant platform
for air traffic control operations.

is a digital assistant platform for air traffic control operations.



Safety is our priority.

Victor5 takes a human-centric approach to integrating AI into a wide spectrum of air traffic operations.


We carefully craft UXs that can deliver flexible, modern UIs for any aviation use cases, operational scenarios or requirements from operational personnel, including integration with existing equipment. 


Our technology stack is on the cutting edge of technology and is continuously adapting to new advances to cover new functionalities that were never thought possible before. 


Built with scalability and performance in mind, capable of processing vast amounts of data and delivering to a responsive device.
Ready to evolve. 


A Digital Assistant for ATC Operational Rooms

A powerful platform that offers precise automatic and scalable traffic tracking. Includes a Medium Term Conflict Detection with winds and flight plans, Short Term Conflict Alert, and many other data-driven functionalities.

Flexible and powered by amodern User Interface that integrates your choice of surveillance data, including radar, terrestrial or satellite ADS-B. Running on a portable device or any other computing platform, whether cloud-based or on-premise.


Workload and safety tool – real time and post-analysis

Safeguarding the workload of your air traffic controllers, computing traffic interactions and identifying non-conflicting flights, computing precise workloads per sector. A real-time assistant, anticipating workload and enabling safety post-analysis. 

Flight Information Display systems for approach, tower, ground

Our user interface is designed to adapt to various operational contexts. Whether it’s approach air traffic control, tower ATC, AFIS, or ground traffic situational awareness. Compliant with the UK CAA CAP670 and other international standards, our technology effortlessly handles your operational requirements with elegance. Running locally and/or in the cloud, utilizing a wide range of data sources.

And much more! 

Are you ready to be part of a new era in aviation operations?

Victor5 is not just limited to Air Traffic Control. We are expanding the boundaries of our platform to cover a wide spectrum of operations. From fuel estimates for different scenarios to optimizing runway and taxiway usage, resource allocation at the airport, and efficient stand management, Victor5 is revolutionizing the way aviation operates. With the support of our esteemed partners and customers, we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the aviation industry using data and AI technologies.

Join us on this exciting journey today!

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