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A game-changing data platform for developing aviation industry applications.

is a digital assistant platform for air traffic control operations.


  • ROMEO5

    Flight Information Display and
    Situational Awareness for Towers

  • ECHO5

    Pioneering Environmental Accountability through Emissions Assessment and Efficiency Excellence

  • BRAVO5

    Post-operational safety
    analysis and replay tool


    Elevating the Aviation Industry
    through Innovative Data Solutions



Safety is our priority.

Victor5 takes a human-centric approach to integrating AI into a wide spectrum of air traffic operations.


We carefully craft UXs that can deliver flexible, modern UIs for any aviation use cases, operational scenarios or requirements from operational personnel, including integration with existing equipment. 


Our technology stack is on the cutting edge of technology and is continuously adapting to new advances to cover new functionalities that were never thought possible before. 


Built with scalability and performance in mind, capable of processing vast amounts of data and delivering to a responsive device.
Ready to evolve. 

Clients, partners and collaborators

Explore our extended aviation services!

We’re broadening our horizons to encompass a wide spectrum of aviation operations like optimizing fuel estimates, runway usage, resource allocation, and stand management. Partner with us to push the industry’s limits through data and AI innovation.