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Future products and services
Elevating the Aviation Industry through Innovative Data Solutions

Our focus on innovation drives us to develop cutting-edge products that enhance safety and efficiency in air traffic management.

Through our Victor5 platform, which leverages cloud technologies, we are introducing advanced tools and user-friendly interfaces that empower the aviation industry to navigate the complexities of modern airspace and traffic demand. By seamlessly integrating a comprehensive suite of tools, we aim to provide air traffic controllers and operational rooms with the capabilities they need to handle unexpected events and optimize airspace management.

Contingency Enroute
and Situational Awareness

Utilizes the computational capabilities of the cloud to ensure the safety and efficiency of air traffic even in challenging situations. This V5-powered tool enables operational rooms to efficiently manage unexpected workload and complexity and make data-driven decisions, enhancing overall situational awareness in a simple interface that integrates seamlessly with current systems and procedures. 

Network complexity

Revolutionizes airspace analysis by providing valuable insights to air traffic management. By leveraging cloud technologies, this tool identifies potential bottlenecks and optimizes airspace utilization, enabling operational rooms to proactively manage traffic flow, reduce delays, and enhance overall network efficiency. With the computational capabilities of Victor5, safety analysts have the ability to make data-driven decisions, ensuring a comprehensive safety analysis review and post-operational analysis.

Flow management

Advanced algorithms and predictive analytics to optimize air traffic flow  and longer distance coordination between air traffic control centers. Proactively manage traffic demand, reduce delays, and maximize airspace capacity.

R&D Sandbox Environment

Dedicated R&D Platform for rapid prototyping of digital assistants and advanced user interfaces. This platform, powered by cloud technologies, fosters collaboration and experimentation, enabling continuous innovation and refinement of our products. By embracing emerging technologies, we aim to seamlessly integrate digital assistants and advanced user interfaces with the Victor5 platform, enhancing capabilities and user experience for aviation stakeholders. We are also extending our scope to the runway management and the platform

With our unwavering commitment to innovation and the development of these future products, we are excited to usher in shaping the future of aviation with data and AI.
Our dedication to pushing the boundaries in this field
drives us to constantly innovate and improve upon our existing solutions.